We are a non-profit organization designed to help those who are in need. We do this by letting the community know about the need and their response determines what we are able to provide.

One of the rules is that the help is provided only once to a family. In order to receive additional help, the family is asked to provide help for someone else. This can be done in a variety of ways. If you interested, call us at 366-4596.

Once you have been helped, we simply ask that you provide us a statement regarding what this help means to you.

Since appliances, furniture, etc. are provided through donations, we are not responsible or liable for any problems that may arise. in addition, we do not provide installation requiring additional electrical or plumbing.

The mission of the Your Neighbor Cares organization is to provide a way for persons, having exhausted all other resources, to reach out, in a a confidential way, and receive assistance. There are no paid employees. It is a non-profit organization that relies on the generosity of the community in order to fulfill the needs of the residents of Lewistown and Central Montana.

There is a core group of volunteers that maintain the website, publicize the needs, and coordinate the actions that are needed to fulfill the approved wishes. In addition, this core group maintains records of donations and expenditures and meets to review any requests. We accept cash donations to help with the costs of insurance, supplies, and storage rental. The organization appreciates these donations very much.

The process of helping someone begins with contact from the person in need or from someone who is nominating another person that they are aware could use some help. We have several questions that we use to determine more about their circumstances and what their need consists of. Once this is done and we verify there is a need, we enter this information into the website and send that information to both the newspaper and radio. The identity of the person in need is concealed from the general public and can only be accessed by the volunteers in the core group.

Once we are contacted by a possible donor, we make an arrangement for a member, or Good Deed Doer, to coordinate the delivery or make the necessary arrangements to fulfill the need for the community member. We acknowledge the receipt of the assistance and thank the donor for their generosity.

The policy of the organization is to restrict the receipt of assistance to a single instance unless the person receiving it agrees to ‘pay it forward’. This can be accomplished by volunteering to help the organization fulfill another need. It can be done by a family member helping mover furniture for another recipient or providing babysitting for someone in need. It can include doing yard work for someone else or even helping a vision impaired person by reading to them. It all depends on what type of request Your Neighbor Cares has received. Once they have accomplished this and it can be verified, they are eligible to request additional insurance.

Have you wondered how Your Neighbor Cares, formerly My Neighbor in Need, works? Here is an example how neighbors, because they care, allow us to provide help for a person or a family that needs some assistance.

Two weeks ago, we received a call from a family that was in need of a working refrigerator. We put out the word and for awhile, we didn’t hear anything. Then one day, we received a call from a neighbor telling us that she had seen a used refrigerator for sale. She was willing to donate toward the purchase price to help us acquire it. Our volunteer followed up on this information and in explaining to the seller what the refrigerator was needed for, the seller agreed to also help out by donating it to the family in need. Our volunteer was able to deliver the refrigerator to a gratefully family.

Our organization is continually grateful for the ongoing support we receive from the community members. We are all volunteers who willingly offer our help to persons living in Fergus and Judith Basin Counties. If you or your neighbor is in need of some assistance, you can call us at 366-4596.

We gratefully accept tax deductible donations. Checks should be made out to Central Montana Foundation, P. O. Box 33672, Lewistown, MT 59457.