Community Needs


Car Repair - #283  We received a referral from an auto dealership concerning an elderly gentleman needing to have his car repaired due to an oil leak.  While it was apparent the repair was urgently needed, the gentleman explained he did not have the money to pay for it.  Concerned with the outcome if not repaired, the dealership contacted Your Neighbor Cares to see if someone would be willing to help with any portion of the bill estimated to be at least $500.00.  While they are willing to work with this gentleman because of his low income and need for transportation, they, as well as he, would  appreciate any help for this much needed repair.

Needs a plumber - #280 A low-income gentleman needs help paying plumber to install a water heater. 

Council on Aging Meals - #278 This need has been met for the time being - Thank you! If more need arises, we will advise the community.  As the Council on Aging is no longer able to be open to serve daily meals, they are serving over 3,000 meals a month – both delivered to homes and at the back door of the center. With the closure of the Treasure Depot, a major source of funding, this has put a large burden on their ability to fund meals that are important to our neighbors. All contributions are welcome. 

Car repair - #277 This need has been met - Thank you! We have also received a request from a low-income person who is trying to re-condition an older vehicle and found that it needs a new headlight assembly that will cost approximately $200 for parts and labor.

Ramp and handrail - #276 This need has been met - Thank you! A senior citizen needs help to build a ramp and hand rail into his home. He was hospitalized and has recently returned home. He is still very weak and is confined until he regains more strength and has a ramp and hand rail at his home. He clearly needs assistance in order to be mobile in future months. YNC would like to pay for materails and labor that we estimate at approximately $500.

 Energy Bill - #274   This need has been met - Thank you! A family struggling financially got behind on their power bill and Northwestern Energy disconnected their services. The family of four, plus their mother who is a senior citizen, needed emergency assistance. By coordinating with other agencies, and other programs, power was recently restored. Our organization was able to provide approximately $300.00 toward this need using emergency fund monies.Donations to restore any portion of those funds are welcomed.

Lift Chair -  #273  This need has been met - Thank you! A low-income individual is finding it very difficult to get out of her recliner and unable to use her couch. She can not afford to purchase a new lift chair and was wondering if someone might have one that they no longer needed.

Clothes Dryer - #271 This need has been met - Thank you! We have received a request for a clothes dryer. We often have appliances on hand but do not have a dryer at this time, so we would appreciate it if anyone has a working dryer to donate. 

Plumbing repair - #268 This need has been met  - Thank you! A senior citizen, active in the community, living on fixed income, has a kitchen sink that won't drain. She purchased parts, but efforts by friends and neighbors to do it themselves have failed. Situation may become a health risk.

Travel for medical treatment - #267 This need has been met - Thank you! Senior citizen is gravely ill and needs to travel to Seattle for treatment.A family member will transport him and his wife, but they need help paying for gas and for lodging expenses when they get there.

Help with rent - #266 This need has been met  - Thank you! A single person who recently lost his job needs help with rent.He is looking for work, but already owes $150 for December and $410 for January. Any help he can receive during this interval would be appreciated.

Christmas gifts - #265 This need has been met  - Thank you! Single mother of three missed th deadline to apply for Angel Tree and would like help purchasing some gifts for her children ages 12, 7 and 6.

Washer and dryer - #263 This need has been met - Thank you! Family with 2 children's dryer has stopped working and washer is faling. We had appliances on hand but could now used additional ones for future needs.

Help with rent - #262  This need has been met - Thank you! A young family needs help with their rent for the month of December. They have resources enough to pay a portion of it but are short $150.00. Expenses in December create situations that are unexpected. Even though the mother works 30 hours a week and the father cares for their two infants, they still find themselves getting behind in paying their rent.

Cooking Stove - #261This need has been met - Thank you! A sister agency is in the process of winterizing a mobile home for a senior citizen who is disabled. This elderly widower has a cooking stove that has a gas leak and has been shut off. Due to the age of the stove, parts for it are unavailable. Living on a fixed income, he does not have the ability to purchase a new appliance. He is in need of a replacement stove in good working order. It will need to be 31.5 inches in width in order to fit in the space and will need to be professionally installed. If a stove is found, we will also be asking for donations to have it professionally inspected and installed.

Home heating - #260  Received assistance elsewhere. A single mother who is working full time needs to have her furnace inspected because at this time it is not safe to use. She has been using a wood stove to heat her home but that has created a situation where her pipes froze as the wood heat wasn’t warming the bathroom. The pipes have been repaired however the situation has caused the floor to become unstable. While she has family that can do the labor, she needs to purchase two marine quality boards. Due to paying past medical bills as well as living expenses, she finds she doesn’t have the extra money needed to get her mobile home ready for the winter season. She estimates these items may cost as much as $300.00.

Sanitzing a home - #256  This need has been met - Thank you! We were contacted by a sister organization that is trying to help a veteran who is disabled. This vet is living on his own and does not want to relocate to a veterans facility that can provide care. He is limited in his ability to maintain his home. His home needs to be professionally sanitized and he does not have the funds to pay for this expense, that is estimated to be around $800.00,

Help for a pet - #255. This need has been met. Thank you! We also received a request from a lady whose pet cat was injured by others and needed surgery. She has taken the cat to a local veterinarian and he will amputate one of its legs. She will pay $175.00 toward the bill as soon as she receives her paycheck. She is working full time but needs help with the remaining bill of $50.00.(19-Oct-2019)

Child Care Debt - #254. This need has been met. Thank you! We received a request from a single mother with three young children. She was working and had applied for assistance to help with her childcare costs. When she learned her application was not approved, she had already accumulated a considerable amount owed to the childcare facility. She would appreciate any help in order to reduce the outstanding amount. (16-Oct-2019)

Paying for eyeglasses - #253This need has been met. Thank you! Due to a retinal bleed in one eye, a disabled person needs a special pair of glasses to allow her to read. The cost is $140.00 more than she can afford and she would appreciate any donations to help her pay for the glasses.(4-Oct-2019)

Help with rent - #252. This need has been met. Thank you! This week we received a request from a person needing help with her rent. When her husband was deployed, she and her young daughter decided to move back here to be closer to family. They had saved enough funds to move home and anticipated income from her husband’s navy service to help pay her rent. Unfortunately, there was a paperwork problem which resulted in a delay in receiving any income. While she is hopeful this problem will be corrected soon, at this time she is without funds to pay her rent. If neighbors can help pay any portion of the $400.00 that she owes, she would be very grateful.

Water leak - #250. This Need had been met. Thank you! Your Neighbor Cares received a call from a senior citizen needing some help. The lady has a water leak under her house that requires someone digging access to the leak so it can be repaired. The lady lives on a fixed income and while she owns her home, she does not have the funds needed to pay for someone to dig the trench and a plumber to repair the water line.

 Financial Assistance for utility bill - #246. This need has been met. Thank you! Your Neighbor Cares recently received a letter from a family of three that is experiencing a financial crisis and are in need of some financial assistance.  They were able to manage until the wife had to stop working due to a debilitating illness.  She has applied for disability but benefits are pending.  Her husband is working at a job with uncertain income and these two factors have resulted in their getting behind on their bills.  The current request is for help paying their water and sewer bill and also help paying on their home equity loan that they entered into to pay toward their bills. 

Propane Refrigerator - # 245. This need was not met. 
We have received a request from a family that is in need of a propane refrigerator.  They live in a rural area and need refrigeration for milk and fruit and vegetables for the children.